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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin
Traditionally, imparting knowledge has been associated with educators teaching students and testing if they remembered what was taught. This went well until remembering facts was sidelined by the easy access to information and applying the knowledge became the differentiator. The boom of technology has presented the educators with a unique opportunity to actively involve students and make learning an experience and to adapt to the different learning styles of the individual student. With the worldwide reach of the Internet and the ubiquity of smart devices that can connect to it, a new age of anytime anywhere education is dawning.
To remain globally competitive and develop motivated citizens, our schools weave 21st century competencies and expertise throughout the learning experience. These include the development of critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and adding technology into the teaching of traditional academic subjects. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop a sense of independence in their learning and the belief that they are capable of achieving their dreams.
While the academic program is the central pillar of our school, involvement of the students in varied extra-curricular activities is highly encouraged as the skills learnt in the cultural and sporting spheres are critical in the well-rounded growth and maturity of all students. High emphasis is laid on designing the curriculum which boosts the physical, emotional, social, technological and cultural needs of the students.
One last thing to consider is that learning is not just about knowing, it's about finding ways to use them meaningfully and making education more relevant to life and making the learning more dynamic.We believe that students, parents and teachers, all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential. Active parent participation is essential to all our success.
I look forward to this new school year full of hope and promise that each and every child will be successful and productive members of the North Point family.

Mr. Aditya Balaji