Managing Committee

Mr. Sachindra Nath Roy


“Dear Parents, Students and the broader A.N.P.S. Community, “Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every CHILD to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process.” At Asansol North Point School, the uniqueness of each child is recognized, nurtured and treasured. Emphasis is on LEARNING and not on teaching. Education is a complete process that leads …”

Mrs. Mita Roy


“Welcome to Asansol North Point School! We aim to help you make the best of the educational opportunity that Asansol North Point School can offer you. Our School provides students a learner-focused, rigorous and balanced education which draws on the best pedagogical methods in learning and practice including an emphasis on inquiry. Learning is focused on knowledge, skills as well as …”

Mr. Gourab Roy

Executive Governing Body Member

Mr. Gourab Roy is a high-achiever. He has made winning a habit. Owing to this habit, he aspires to make Asansol North Point School one of the best and most dependable school. He understands that he can achieve this ambition only through the success of each and every student of ANPS; for he believes in – Together we rise, together we touch the skies. Mr. Roy, as the Executive Governing Body Member, and as the youngest member of the ANPS Family, has all his interests invested into the school to make it a perfect setting for a student’s holistic development with emphasis on creating a balanced persona. Compromising at no point, ANPS offers world-class facilities for your child, be it education or sports or arts or entertainment. Guided through expert advice. Mr. Roy has personally paid attention to all the details and would always be reachable to the staff, students and the parents.